Full Fledged Service Work Shop

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (CAMC)

Under this contract both Labour and Parts supply are covered and provided onsite.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

These are customised agreements for Service Labour, wherein our Engineers would periodically attend to your Gensets / Engines used in other applications, carry out technical inspection and provide service support onsite, along with repairs and scheduled maintenance activities. Parts supply is not in this contract.

Non - Comprehensive Amc

As you are aware, the Generator Set installed in your work is a capital asset and doubtlessly needs constant mechanical and electrical attendance by an expert to ensure ceaseless functioning when emergency arises to put the same on load.

As an introduction we would apprise your self of our being in the line for long time and attending to all type of faults and regular service of all type of Engines and alternators.

We also undertake the annual maintenance contract (A.M.C.), erection and commissioning of all type of diesel Generator Sets on very reasonable rates and on time bound basis.

In case you feel any problem in this regard, kindly give us a call enabling our service engineer to solve your problem and help stop loss of your production due to power cut and non working of your captive power unit.